Funeral Doves

Image of Funeral Doves being released

Funeral Doves

There is no easy way to say goodbye to a loved one,

and sometimes, words just aren’t enough, but some comfort can be found by releasing funeral doves which represents the departed’s spirit flying away, free from pain and at peace, carrying with it all the love of family and friends.

Releasing Doves for a funeral is a beautiful way to end the cremation or burial service.

Reasons for releasing Funeral Doves

Instead of flowers.

You are looking for a more poignant gesture

to say your final goodbye.

You want to symbolise the release of your Loved One’s spirit

– A single white funeral dove is released.

Your Loved One has already lost their partner previously and you want to

symbolise their spirits joining together in the sky

– 2 white funeral doves are released.

You want to symbolise the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost –

This is a Holy Trinity Release

– 3 white funeral doves are released.

The parents, partner, children or grandchildren of your Loved One can each release a white funeral dove.

Releasing doves for a funeral is a beautiful way to bring the service to its conclusion.

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You can release funeral doves for

A Burial,
A Cremation,
An Interment of Ashes,
or by the graveside for Special Occasions

We offer affordable doves for a funeral, professionally
carried out by handlers who will ensure that the doves are held safely and securely and released without mishap or awkwardness, therefore leaving a lasting, beautiful memory for you to keep with you always.

our decorated basket for funeral doves
Basket of funeral doves