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When making a booking for wedding doves a £50 non-refundable booking fee is required.
This will reserve your date in our diary.

We can provisionally hold your date in our diary for up to seven days only.

Cancellations must be made before 6 weeks of the wedding date.
After 6 weeks of the wedding date, the full balance will still be charged.

The remaining balance will be due 6 weeks before the wedding date.



All Deposits are non-refundable.

Our white doves are restricted to a 60 mile radius of Dartford Tunnel to ensure
their safe return home.

The dove release must take place within 30 minutes after the wedding ceremony and must take place
before the main photographic session or wedding car ride.We have made this one of our conditions as in the past photographers have asked us to wait for very
long periods of time whilst they are photographing the wedding party or whilst the newlyweds go for
a drive in their wedding car and we feel its better if the doves get to fly home sooner rather than later.
We also feel that releasing the doves as soon as possible after the ceremony is more meaningful.

We allocate 90 minutes for our service from our time of arrival.  Should the wedding party be delayed futher

we charge £30 per 30 minute extra time or reserve the right to leave the venue.

We can not be held responsible for late arrival of the wedding party.

Once released, our white doves need to navigate their way home, so all releases must take place two hours
before dusk with no exceptions.

All Dove releases will be at the co-ordinators discretion.
Please bear in mind that a release may be cancelled by the co-ordinator if inclement weather conditions
such as very high winds, heavy rain, fog, snow or thunder storms should arise.
In the unlikely event that a total cancellation is unavoidable, then a full refund will be given.
However, we cannot give a full refund if we arrive at the venue/church and sudden inclement weather occurs.
Slight rain or showers will not necessarily mean the release will need to be cancelled. The situation will be assessed by the co-ordinator who will liaise with you but please bear in mind that travelling expenses and hourly rates will be incurred should you decide to cancel the release.

We cherish our beautiful white doves and their welfare is always of great importance to us.

We are a Registered Company with full Public Liability Insurance.

Our loft is registered with the BRPA and all our white doves are identi-ringed.

Our white doves are treated with a yearly course of injections recommended by vets to prevent disease and infestation of mites, our doves are spotless and healthy.

We would never use Fantail or Garden Doves as they do not have the homing instinct and would not give the desired effect of flying up and away.

We encourage our Clients to visit our lofts to assure themselves that our doves are happy and cared for.

Try before you buy …….. Sometimes the idea of actually holding the doves can be a bit daunting, but our co-ordinators will make sure the hand-over is
“flutter-free” and enjoyable. If you’re not sure if you can actually hold the doves, you can come and have a free “cuddle” before making your decision.

We care about your wedding day as much as you do.
If you are considering a White Dove Release with another Company,
please check that the birds are trained Rock Doves or Homing Pigeons.
Firstly, because only homing birds will fly up and away, if they are not trained to go home
they will fly straight to the first tree or ledge and perch there indefinately.
Secondly, white birds are highly visible and are easy prey for predators during the night.

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