Our Beautiful Wedding Doves

Its not just releasing a dove ……

” As I was holding the dove my heart was beating so fast.
I could feel the dove’s heart beating in my hand,
it was like our heartbeats became one
and the dove knew how much I loved you,
and when I released it, the whole world knew too.

It’s not just releasing a dove … it’s releasing my love ”

When you’re looking for that extra special something …

a simple gesture can speak a thousand words.

Wedding Doves – Our Packages

Package 1 – Love Doves

Wedding Doves at Orsett Hall

Two white love doves presented in our gorgeous displays for the newleyweds to release after their wedding ceremony.
We will arrive at the church or venue and set up our beautiful dove displays in the grounds
where your photographic session will take place.
As the newleyweds and guests emerge from the marriage ceremony
it will be a lovely surprise for everyone to see the wedding doves waiting there in their displays.
As everyone gathers around, photographs are taken by your photographer and family and friends
and then the wedding doves will be released .
This is such a wonderful moment between two people who have just married,
because doves mate for life and symbolise love, commitment and a long and happy marriage.

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Package 2 – Love and Remembrance

Memory Doves

Wedding Doves London

Release two love doves as Package 1

and then release up to 4 memory doves from our beautiful basket.

This is a lovely way to remember loved ones who can’t be with you on your wedding day.


Flock of Wedding Doves

Funeral Doves

Release two love doves as option 1

and then a flock of 10 more doves from our beautiful basket to symbolise two families joining together as one.

This option really does have the WOW factor.

The basket is usually opened by the parents of the bride and groom, but of course,

you can decide who YOU want to open the basket on your special day.


Funeral Doves Essexjava1javaDD63B8C2-DB97-474C-AD22-4BC86B7B1520

The ultimate photographic opportunity is available with our Intimate Package which involves our  small beautiful White Java Doves being hand held for that

“up close and personal” experience.

They are hand reared and very used to people so you can have them on your finger for great pics.

They spend an hour a day indoors with us and the rest of the time in the spacious aviary with their Java family.

We also offer basket release only packages, from 1 dove up to 50 doves . WOW.

Wedding Doves presented in our beautiful heart basket

Release wedding doves in Essex

All of our Wedding Doves Packages can be purchased seperately

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Please call Cathy on 01708 402251 for an instant quotation. Our prices for various wedding doves packages will be based on exactly what YOU require and also on the distance we have to travel from Dartford Tunnel. We will try our best to beat any quote, but please remember that not all dove release companies offer the same service or quality. We would consider it a great honour to be part of your special day.